Welcome to LQ Translations

My name is Livia Heike Quinteros and I am a freelance translator. I established LQ Translations in order to provide English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations of the highest quality to individuals and organizations in the Denver Metro Area and around the world. I provide bi-directional (Spanish to English/English to Spanish) translations services. All work is accomplished under strict time guidelines effectively, competently and accurately in order to meet established deadlines and exceed clients’ expectations. As a detail and quality oriented individual, I offer customized services to fit your needs. Translations are trustworthy, well-written and well-researched. Any errors and ambiguities are noted and brought to the client’s attention so that he/she can make the final decision on how to proceed. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project and to receive a quote.

Subject matters translated/analyzed:

Business, financial, marketing, legal, law enforcement, politics, immigration, international development, education, sustainable agriculture, medical, tourism, hospitality and other general subjects.

Types of documents translated/analyzed:

Contracts, minutes, service agreements, memorandums of understanding, witness statements, release of liabilities, resumes/cover letters, website content, research, textbooks, brochures, operation manuals, instructional and training material, official documents (birth, marriage, divorce, death and/or other certificates for official use), college transcripts, flyers, blogs and articles, procedures, and much more.


All information including business, data and documents will be kept confidential and will never be disclosed without your consent. I respect and honor all confidentiality requirements.